Sessions at the AHA Conference

Instructions for panel sponsorship at the AHA Annual Meeting

As an affiliated society of the AHA, CEHS traditionally sponsors a variety of panels on German and Central European History at the AHA Annual Meeting. CEHS both solo-sponsors and co-sponsors panels.

Co-sponsorship is for those panels that have been accepted by the AHA Program Committee.

Solo-sponsorship is for panels that have not been placed on the official program by the AHA but which the Conference Group feels are of a level of scholarly interest and quality to merit a place on the program as a"solo-sponsored" panel of an affiliate society such as CEHS. The deadline varies from year to year, but proposals are usually due in early to mid-May. Submissions will go forward to the Executive Committee of CEHS for consideration. CEHS expects panels submitted for sponsorship to demonstrate gender diversity.

Questions? Please direct them to Benjamin Marschke.