Welcome to the webpage of the Central European History Society (CEHS), formerly named the Conference Group for Central European History. Since 1958 the Society has furthered scholarly discussion and activities in the fields of German, Habsburg and Central European history. In addition to supporting the group’s journal Central European History, a recognized journal of excellence, the Society sponsors panels at the American Historical Association Annual Meeting and awards two prestigious scholarly prizes named after the pioneering social historian Hans Rosenberg.

As a non-profit organization,CEHS is organized exclusively for educational, charitable and scientific purposes. Its furthers the expression of a common professional interest in Central European History, encourages scholarship across a broad variety of topics and works to further scholarly collaboration with academic, researchers and institutions abroad having similar interests. CEHS is an affiliated society with the American Historical Association.

For current activities and connections to affiliated associations please click on the quick links found on the right side of this page. Information on prizes, membership and on the journal Central European History, can be accessed through the tool bar above.

Officers of the CEHS’s Executive Board in 2020:

Past President: James Brophy (2017-2021)
President: Pieter Judson (2018-2022)
Vice-President: Astrid M. Eckert (2019-2023)
Vice-President Elect: Brian Vick (2020-2024)

Members At Large (three-year appointments):

At-Large Member: Andrea Orzoff (2018-2021)
At-Large Member: Frank Biess (2019-2022)
At-Large Member: Caitlin Murdock (2020-2023)

Director of GHI-Washington: Simone Lässig

Administrative Appointments:

Editor of Central European History: Monica Black (five-year term, 2019-2024)
Executive Director: Benjamin Marschke (four-year term, 2017-2021)